Aphra Behn’s “The Rover”: A Study Guide from Gale’s “Drama for Students” (Volume 16, Chapter 13)

Term paper due tomorrow? Need to cram for a test? Or just looking for the best information about a favorite literary work? Turn to “Drama for Students” to get your research done in record time. Brought to you by Thomson Gale–the world’s leading source of literary criticism and analysis–this e-doc contains: author biography; plot summary; character analysis; an overview of the play’s themes, style, and historical context; a compendium of in-depth critical material; study questions; suggestions for further reading; and much more. Why choose “Drama for Students”? Because no other source offers so much in such a compact package. Trust the experts: Thomson Gale–and “Drama for Students.”

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Keep Your Property & Repay Debts Over Time

Reduce your debts, save your property — and start over!

Are you behind on your mortgage, taxes or other bills? Are creditors threatening foreclosure or repossession? This book will show you how to save your house, car and other assets with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. It lets you cancel your debts and pay off the rest with an affordable repayment plan.

And now you can avoid attorney fees and do it yourself — let Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you how to:

determine if you qualify for Chapter 13
stop a house foreclosure
estimate monthly payments
devise an acceptable repayment plan
complete and file forms
make up missed mortgage payments
pay off other debts
represent yourself before a bankruptcy judge or trustee

The 10th edition is completely rewritten to reflect the recent (and massive) changes to federal bankruptcy law, as well as the latest bankruptcy exemption laws of your state. It also includes the most current legal document

Best Practices for Filing Chapter 13, 2014 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Examining Today’s Consumer Bankruptcy Trends and Preparing a Thorough Chapter 13 Filing (Inside the Minds)

Best Practices for Filing Chapter 13 provides an authoritative, insider’s perspective on best practices for representing clients during a Chapter 13 case. Featuring experienced consumer bankruptcy lawyers from across the country, this book guides the reader through the issues and challenges faced by attorneys working with Chapter 13 debtors during these times of ongoing economic uncertainty. From the initial client meeting to finalizing the Chapter 13 plan, these top lawyers examine each step of the filing process and describe their best practices for shaping an effective strategy that matches each client’s unique situation and goals. These authors reveal proven advice for determining a debtor’s eligibility, halting foreclosure and repossession actions, and putting a stop to creditors’ harassing phone calls. Additionally, these leaders discuss the lingering effects of the BAPCPA-induced ambiguity in the Code, the frustratingly slow economic recovery, and such recent legislative action

Consumer Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy

Maximize your bankruptcy filing benefits. If you have to file a personal bankruptcy case, you can find the accessible, authoritative guidance you’ll need to do it right in order to get the fresh start you deserve. One of America’s top bankruptcy lawyers, Henry J. Sommer, clearly and carefully takes you through the process of filing under chapter 7 and chapter 13.helps you determine which course is better.alerts you to the legal protections you enjoy under the sweeping Bankruptcy Code.assists you in getting the right legal counsel.and helps remove concern about the stigma associated with bankruptcy. This plain-English version of Sommer’s definitive manual, Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice, provides you with a lucid overview of how bankruptcy works, then helps you:
* Determine if bankruptcy is finally the best path for you to take
* Select an alternative means of financial restoration if it is not
* Understand the myriad forms involved when filing
* Prepare for the someti

The Alpha Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Kit: Special Book Edition With Removable Forms (The Alpha Non-Lawyer Legal Kits)

The complete do-it-yourself Chapter-13 Bankruptcy Kit with all the Forms required to stop a real property foreclosure, garnishment of wages or bank account or the reposession of an automobile or household funiture under a Court supervised repayment plan in accords with Chapter -13 of the Bankruptcy Code, Includes completed examples of each form.

How to Get Credit after Filing Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Credit Under Control

According to the United States Bankruptcy Courts, the number of bankruptcies filed each year is on the rise. People file bankruptcy for a variety of reasons, such as preventing foreclosure on their homes, preventing repossession of property, loss of employment, or reducing or eliminating debts. The most common types of bankruptcy for which individuals file are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 involves the surrender of property to pay debts, while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for the retention of property but requires payments over the next three to five years. A person who finds himself or herself in this undesirable situation may wonder how they are ever going to repair their credit. How to Get Credit after Filing Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Credit under Control provides the answers in a clear-cut, easy-to-read manner. The author tells you how to take charge of your credit so you can apply for loans and mortgages and obtain low interest rate

Credit During Bankruptcy: The easy-to-follow guide to a quick and lasting recovery during a chapter 13 bankruptcy, New Updated for 2010


Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know (Quick Prep)

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the next best thing to a one-on-one conference with your attorney. Written by a nationally-known and respected consumer bankruptcy attorney, this essential reference speaks to you directly about all aspects of Chapter 13 cases, just as though you were a client meeting with your lawyer. This easy-to-read guide explains to you everything you need to know about Chapter 13 debt adjustment, including questions you may never have thought to ask. Are you eligible for Chapter 13? Is there another form of bankruptcy that is right for you? Can you save your home and your car? Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you answer these questions, as well as direct you in gathering and organizing documents, developing your Chapter 13 plan, and protecting your assets. You’ll be an informed and educated client after reading this guide, prepared to tackle your Chapter 13 case with confidence. You’ll be prepared to work collaboratively with a lawyer to assist you in

Bankruptcy Boot Camp 2015: The Only Pro-Active / Pro-Consumer Approach to Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Ultimate Bankruptcy Series)

Our “Ultimate Bankruptcy Series” is the ONLY Pro-Active / Pro-Consumer Series of Bankruptcy Books available anywhere!

“Bankruptcy Boot Camp 2015” is a combination of two powerful bankruptcy books in one package; “Bankruptcy Bible 2015” and “Bankruptcy -10 Mistakes to Avoid.”

We have now combined both of these powerful resources into a single pro-active tool that guides you through your bankruptcy experience with minimum loss, and maximum protection.

“Bankruptcy Boot Camp 2015” is the only pro-active approach to the bankruptcy experience and is the most positive approach for filing bankruptcy available anywhere! This powerful resource shows you how to turn everything in the bankruptcy experience, in your favor, and not in favor of your creditors.

Together these two bankruptcy resources form one powerful tool that promises ultimate victory in the Bankruptcy Filing Process! You will learn everything you need to know and more

The Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13: 39th Edition, 2015

This latest edition of The Consumer Bankruptcy Handbook is current to January 1, 2015 and covers all aspects of handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Argyle’s Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 is an essential resource for all civil attorneys. It’s no wonder this book has been Argyle’s bestseller for 39 years. This Handbook empowers you to competently handle a client’s Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy or represent a creditor in one of these proceedings. This Handbook shows you how to: Analyze a client-debtor’s financial situation and analyze nonbankruptcy alternatives Understand the difference between Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcies Conduct a means-test to determine eligibility under Chapter 7 Interview a potential client-debtor Prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, including official forms Prepare Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms, including official forms Claim all exemptions to which your client is entitled Analyze the automatic stay Reaffirm disch